Adult Program Number B070300
Secondary Program Number:  8212300

Program Description:  Medical Administrative Specialist offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills expanding the traditional role of the Medical Administrative Specialist.  This program is offered in a seven course sequence.  The content includes the use of technology to develop communication skills, higher level thinking skills, and decision making skills; medical terminology; the performance of office procedures specific to the medical environment; transcription of medical documents from machine dictation; the production of quality work in an efficient manner using advanced features of business software applications; research of job opportunities; and the production of high quality employment portfolios and job-seeking documents.
The minimum grade level on the TABE test required by the State of Florida for program completers is 10.0 in reading, language, and math. 
Program Costs:  The approximate cost for  this program is $3,847.62.  Two semesters of full-time enrollment are required to complete.  Fees include CPR, drug test, and criminal background check.

On-time completion rate for program 100%
Placement rate for students completing program 100%
Median Loan debt incurred by students as provided by ED = 0 NA

Special Considerations:  Students in this program must meet the same standards for employment as any health care worker.  Admission may be denied if the criminal background check contains felony convictions and/or drug related charges.

Adult Courses and Clock Hours

The postsecondary occupations and the associated courses included in this program are:

TOTAL CLOCK HOURS                                             1050
TOTAL SECONDARY CREDITS                                    3

OTA0040:  Information Technology Assistant – This course is designed to provide a basic overview of current business and information systems and trends to introduce students to the basic skills required for today’s business environments.  Emphasis is placed on developing proficiency with fundamental computer applications of keyboarding and word-processing.
Secondary – 1 credit.
Adult – 150 clock hours

OTA0041:  Front Desk Specialist – This course is designed to assist with administrative and general office duties in a support capacity.  This course explores and expands the core competencies in the areas of personal and professional development and promotes application of higher level office procedures tasks and communications skills through the use of technology.

This course is also designed to develop proficiency in using the advanced features of software programs to perform office related tasks. 
Secondary – 1 credit.
Adult – 300 clock hours

OTA0631:  Medical Office Technologist – This course includes administrative office duties and procedures specific to the medical environment.  This course covers health insurance and insurance verification, billing and collections, and scheduling auxiliary services.  Also included are legal and ethical procedures, medical terminology, and HIPAA.

In this course, students will cover professional communication with patients and medical contacts.  Students will also learn to transcribe medical documents.

Medical vocabulary and skills in transcribing medical documents from machine transcription will be included in this course.  CPR, emergency medical management procedures, insurance fraud and abuse, and OSHA standards will be included.
Secondary – 1 credit.
Adult – 300 clock hours

OTA0651:  Medical Administrative Specialist – Students will demonstrate human relation skills, employability skills, practice interview techniques, and develop career portfolios and resume.  Job shadowing will be included as part of this course.
Adult – 300 clock hours

• Complete the TABE test.
• Must have TABE scores of 10.0 in all areas to earn a certificate.