Adult Program Number T400100 /T400200
Secondary Program Number 8709000

Program Description:  Automotive Collision Technology Technician prepares students for employment as automobile body repairers, painters, repairer helpers, and painter helpers.  The program is accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and offers three Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications:  This program utilizes the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) training curriculum.  The course content includes:  basic trade,  refinishing, and sheet metal repair skills; frame and unibody squaring and aligning; use of fillers, paint systems, and undercoats; related welding and mechanical skills; trim hardware maintenance; glass servicing; and other miscellaneous repair.  The minimum grade level required by the state for program completers is 9.0 in reading, language, and math. 
Job Opportunities:  Graduates of this program have entry level skills to work in all areas of the automotive repair and refinishing industry, including dealerships and independent businesses.  During the most recent follow-up survey (2015-16), 75% of the graduates were employed.

Program Costs:  The approximate cost for the first semester is $2,700.00 for a full-time student.
On-time completion rate for program 100%
Placement rate for students completing program 75%
Median Loan debt incurred by students as provided by ED                    NA
Special Considerations:  Most employers will expect the student to furnish their own tools as a condition of employment.

Adult Courses and Clock Hours
Secondary students are enrolled in courses established by the Course Code Directory.  Contact the high school guidance counselor for information.
The postsecondary occupations and the associated courses included in this program are:

T400100  – 750 total clock hours

ARRO210:  Paint and Body Helper - The content of this course includes industry knowledge,
business management and occupational safety skills.
Adult - 250 clock hours.

ARR0213:  Paint and Body Assistant - This course provides instruction in performing welding operation, preparing surfaces for refinishing, selecting
and applying appropriate paints and finishes, demonstrates employability skills.
Adult - 250 clock hours.
ARR020: Auto Collision Estimator - The content of this course includes vehicle and
industry knowledge, business management, occupational safety skills, and preparing vehicles for
repair and refinishing.
Adult - 100 clock hours.

ARR0313:  Frame and Body Repairman -  The content of this course includes repair
replace and adjustment of out body panels, measuring and pulling, preparing unibody and frame
type vehicle bodies.
Adult - 150 clock hours.

Must complete Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing 1 prior to enrollment in this program.
T400200 - 650 total clock hours

ARR0127: Automotive Refinishing - Automotive refinishing is the focus of this course,
including preparing surfaces, selecting and applying appropriate paints and finishes, operating spray equipment, finish defects, causes and cures.
Adult – 325 clock hours

ARR0240:  Automobile Body Repairer - The content of this course includes preparing vehicles for repair and refinishing, replacing and adjusting out body panels, welding operations, applying body fillers, repairing fiberglass and plastic components.
Adult - 325 clock hours

TOTAL CLOCK HOURS              1,400