Program Number: N900100

CIP Number: 035130405

300 Hours

Not Pell Eligible

Program Description

Dietary managers help plan and prepare nutritious meals for hospitals, long-term facilities, schools, and a host of other food service operations. With elevated skills gained from this program at RIVEROAK Technical College, you can earn a certificate that qualifies you for more advanced positions, better pay and increased long-term opportunities to continue your education and advancement in the food service industry. RTC’s program is primarily designed for food services employees working in health care facilities who have leadership and management potential.

Occupation Description

The content includes but is not limited to facility planning for sanitation and safety; selection and supervision of equipment and supplies; application of principles of nutrition to diets and menus; cost planning and quality control; supervision of food preparation; evaluation of food quality, portion size and diet accuracy; supervision and in-service training of dietary personnel, personnel management, and employability and communication skills.

Students are prepared to utilize nutritional knowledge in preparing food and in serving individuals with specific dietary needs under the supervision of a registered dietitian.

Program Structure

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Dietary Manager