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Financial Aid

The first step to receive any type of financial aid is to apply for federal financial aid. RIVEROAK offers two types of federally funded financial aid - Pell Grant and Work Study. Some agencies which sponsor students, such as the Workforce Development Board, may also require that the student submit the federal financial aid application. Other types of financial aid are also available and are described below. 
For more information or assistance with the application process, contact RTC's Financial Aid Specialist at (386) 647-4211.

Helpful Info

  • Workforce
    The Workforce Development Board provides comprehensive workforce services to North Florida employers and jobseekers at no cost.
    Learn more about them at:   
    Local telephone numbers for Workforce are: Live Oak - (386) 362-7000 Or Call Toll Free:1-866-367-4758
    Some agencies, which sponsor students such as the Workforce Development Board, may also require that the student submit the federal financial aid application.
  • Veterans
    Most programs at RTC are approved for veterans training.  
    Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to the Veteran’s Approval Agency of Florida.
    Visit their web site at:
    Persons who are eligible may also contact the Technical Center Financial Aid office at (386) 647-4211.
  • Work Study
    Work Study provides jobs for students who need financial aid in order to attend a training program. Students earn money by working part-time for the school system.
    The total Work Study award depends on the student’s needs and the amount of aid the student receives from other programs.
  • In-House Financial Aid
    This is need-based scholarship to students who do not otherwise qualify for other financial aid resources.
  • Other Financial Assistance
    Other financial assistance is provided through local scholarships, and the Financial Aid Fee Trust Fund (in-house).


Scholarship applications are available in the Student Services Office at RIVEROAK.

Lonnie Bob Hurst Scholarship
  • Lonnie Bob Hurst Scholarship is available for adults wishing to enter the LPN program at RTC, a SHS senior wishing to enroll at RTC after graduation, or a SHS senior wishing to enroll in a community college or 4-year college after graduation.
  • Applications and information can be obtained from the Student Services office.
Shands at Live Oak Auxiliary Scholarship
  • This scholarship is available to Suwannee County residents enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program. Applications are available when the student has completed one term or 50% of the training program.

Carol Herring Nursing Scholarship (Altrusa)

  • This scholarship is available to students enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program. 
Naomi Hart Culinary Arts Scholarship (Altrusa)
  • This scholarship is available to a RIVEROAK Technical College student enrolled in the Culinary Arts program.
W.E. Music Memorial Scholarship
  • This scholarship is available to current Masonry, Electricity, or Welding students. Applications are available in the spring.
Suwannee Valley Builder's Association
  • This award is available for adult and high school students enrolled in the Building Construction Technology program. Applications are available in the spring.
Suwannee County Chamber of Commerce
  • This award is available for SHS technical students. An essay and application is required. Applications are available in the spring.
North Florida Community College
  • This award is for a 2 year scholarship to NFCC for one adult RTC student and one Suwannee High student enrolled in a technical program.  Applications are available in the spring.
Sabal Trail Scholarship
  • All programs are eligible to apply. 16 will be awarder per year from the 2017-2018 to 2020-2021 school years.
Merit Scholarship
  • $1,000 awarded to a senior at each of the following High Schools for Fall enrollment at RIVEROAK:
            Suwannee High School
            Branford High School
            Hamilton High School
            Lafayette High School
            Ft. White High School
            Columbia High School
            Private & Home Schools

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

To be eligible for Title IV Funds, a student must make satisfactory academic progress.  The satisfactory academic progress policy includes the student’s GPA, pace through the program, and attendance.  Please contact the financial aid office for further information or to review the policy.


After July 1, 2012, students who do not have a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent (for example a GED), or do not meet the home school requirements will not be eligible to receive Title IV student aid. Students who were enrolled in a program prior to July 1, 2012 will still be eligible to receive funding.


Verification is the process established by the US Department of Education to check the accuracy of the information submitted on the FAFSA.  Verification may occur at any time during the application or awarding process.  In most cases, applicants are selected by US Department of Education.  You will be notified by the federal processor and/or the RTC financial aid office.  Students (and parents, for dependent students) will be asked to provide additional documents.

Notice of Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations

Federal Drug-Free School Act: This legislation is intended to convey to students of any institution receiving federal funds (contracts, grants, student financial aid, etc.) the health risks which exist for those who abuse alcohol or drugs. In addition, penalties for those who violate school standards must be in place and consistently enforced.  State law prohibits the consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages by persons younger than 21 years of age.  The sale of alcoholic beverages to persons younger than 21 years of age is also prohibited.


If you wish to withdraw from a program or course before the end of your enrollment period, please notify your instructor as soon as possible.  Your instructor will submit a withdrawal form to the Student Services office.  If you are receiving financial aid, you must notify the financial aid office in writing of your reason for withdrawing, noting your last day of attendance.  Failure to do this may disqualify you for future financial aid.

Pell Grants

PELL Grants are awards to help students pay for their education after high school.  For many students, these grants provide a “foundation” of financial aid to which aid from other sources may be added.  Unlike loans, grants do not have to be paid back.  To apply go to  (RTC school code is 016824)