RIVEROAK Technical College held its 2020 - 2021 Phlebotomy Graduation at Millennium Park on February 25, 2021.
This program was made possible through the Florida Department of Education's Rapid Credentialing grant. The grant provided tuition support for all graduates.
Congratulations to the following Graduates:
Grace Bezanson
Kathryn Burnette
Brianna Carver
Andrea Dey
Linsey Jolley
Kennith Kephart
Kendall Land
Elaine McHugh
Juleah Reiner
Vadarin Robinson
Brett Shipley
Danielle Wardrep
Nicole Williams
Congratulations to our graduates who received special recognition:
Highest Academic Score - Grace Bezanson
Academic Excellence Award - Kendall Land, Brianna Carver, Elaine McHugh, Brett Shipley, Kennith Kephart, Danielle Wardrep, Vadarian Robinson and Nicole Wiliams
Most Improved Academic Student - Katie Burnett
Caring Classmate Award - Nicole Williams
Best Clinical Student - Brett Shipley
Enthusiastic Learner Award - Kennith Kephart
Most Improved Clinical Student - Juleah Reiner
Best All Around Student - Elaine McHugh
Outstanding Improvement Award - Linsey Jolley
Survivalist Award - Andrea Dey
We are so proud of you and your accomplishments!